Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Delphi 10 years young

At the Software Development conference, 14 february 1995, Delphi 1 was born!
Delphi 1 produced powerfull standalone exes, with the ease of VB and the power of C++. Marco Cantu has collected a lot of material from that conference on his website.
Also the Borland Development Community celebrates this 10 years with 'old' articles about the project, codenamed Delphi. You can also listen to a phone interview with Anders Hjelsberg, Gary Whizin, and Zack Urlocker, the original creators of Delphi.
At codefez you can read an eye witness report from Nick Hodges : Happy birthday Delphi . Really intresting to read this one.

Delphi was good from the beginning, and still is on of the best development tools for Win32, and .Net development out there.

Congratulations Borland!!

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