Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wow I'm on BDN!

This morning I checked my blog stats, which should be between, 1 and 6 hits, for a normal day. (One for myself ;-) )

Guess what: It said 147 hits! Wow, spilled some coffee over my desk.
Where is that coming from? (Huh?)

Well, I am listed on BDN with a blogpost about events in C# and Delphi.

That is very cool. :-)

Oops, didn't quit expect that to happen, so I hope the english is not to bad ;)

'....and still counting...'

1 comment:

Ferry Boussen (Duvyis) said...

Hey, Vette Shit 147 bezoekers.
Ik was er 1 van denk ik.
Hoe gaat het met C#. Ik ben nu een applicatie aan het ontwikkelen voor ProRail in asp/

Heb je toen nog wat gehoord van de opdracht bij ooms?