Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Incremental search.....supprise

Yesterday I was reading on the coding horror blog a rant about searching document files with Ctrl+F.
It said that Visual Studio has incremental search(Ctrl+I), which after I tested it is very usefull. I thought it is (was) a pity that Delphi does not (didn't) have incremental searching.

Today I read a comment on Nick Hodges blog entry Firefox my Delphi that Delphi has incremental searching from at least version 5!
Just click CTRL+E and it works.......

I must have missed something all this years, or this is one of the most secret shortcuts outthere. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Delphi does have incremental search, and I think it's had it since Delphi 1. It depends on what keymapping you use, but for IDE Classic, type Ctrl+Shift+S to start it up. It looks like VS mode uses Ctrl+I, too.

Dan Miser

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