Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Devco's former employee shortlist

Allen Bauer talks about the returning of former Borland employee Steve Shaughnessy in his blogpost Gaining momentum...
The return of a former employee itself is not really news to me, those things happens daily in the real world. The intresting news in this blogpost is when Allen talks about a "short list", he says:

After the announcement that Borland was going to spin-off the IDE and database groups into a separate company, we started talking with several former Borland employees that had left to pursue other opportunities. Steve Shaughnessy quickly made it onto our “short list.”

In other words there is a shortlist out there, with former Borland employees on it which are in contact with the Devco's about other opportunities.

That is very good news, IMO!

Now I wonder who would be on that shortlist?
So this blogpost might have some serious points after all. ;-)

Any way encouraging stuff.

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