Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Putting the act to the word

Just before the creation of DevCo I feel it is time to boost Delphi once again. Because, you know what, it still is the best development tool out there for Win32 and .NET development. (And a lot more...)
Although the blogging community is fresh and kicking, a lot of, long time existing, Delphi sites looks to me unattended and out of date. (Not all of course)
Just like a dutch Delphi portal site, that I found recently. This site had a thick layer of dust on top of it with broken links and links directing to non Delphi sites or out-of-date data. In my opinion sites like this are very important for the succes of Delphi.

So putting the act to the word (a translated dutch saying I am not sure if this make sense in Englisch) I decided to become the webmaster of this portal. I have done a bit of cleaning like removing the broken links and putting in some new sections like Weblogs, ECO and AJAX. Right now I am still gathering new links and sections.
If you have any link/section suggestion please let me know here and I will add it to the portal.

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