Friday, December 01, 2006

Free IDE's

On Bitwise Magazine there is an interesting article 'Free, Free At last' with a list of IDE's which are all for free!

Among them of course the Turbo's.

Surprisingly, there is now quite a range of first rate development software that can be yours (legally) for a total outlay of Zero Dollars - which, at the current rate of conversion, coincidentally works out at precisely Zero Pounds, Euros and Yen too!

One particular IDE of interest for me is the PHP IDE, called qstudio, from Quadram software. This is an IDE for PHP development which looks amazingly like Delphi. QStudio is to be released this december, so keep an eye on it!


Anonymous said...

If you had shown the screen shots and asked what ide it was I would have said BDS.

Anonymous said...

QStudio PHP IDE:

"Web Control Library"

"The WCL has been modeled after the Delphi VCL, so if you are familiar with Delphi, you will find it easy to use the WCL."

Anonymous said...

QStudio seems a perfect example of what you can build with Delphi.
Looks like Devexpress controls to me.

Anonymous said...

This is realy great. php editor looks exactly as bds. there were some posts saying codegear will do something in php area. i wonder what it may be. this editor is exactly what i hoped for. i havent looked at the WCL though.

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