Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blaise Pascal Magazine

There is a new international magazine about Delphi and related languages! The magazine has it's root in the HCC (Hobby Computer Club) from the Netherlands. The Pascal Usergroup (PGG) section of this club offers for many years a magazine in ducth about Delphi languages for beginner, intermediate and expert users.

They now have gone international with an englisch version!

According to their website there will be a printed and a free download version:

The printed version contains 40 pages and entitles you to download all the code free of charge.
You will receive all issues for one year for only € 40,00.
A subscription to the download version is free, but you must pay for each code -or programm with code- download.

I think this is great news for Delphi!
You will find the table of contents of their first issue here.

Go get it here:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The downloaded version is not free....actually pretty expensive @ 7.5 euro per issue. and the contents are not that matching up with their over priced issue.....

Just a mediocre journal...and i really miss the good old days with other delphi journals

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