Thursday, May 08, 2008

EmbarraWhat?, Embarcedar, Embarcadero...

Well, not quite breaking news (anymore after one day), CodeGear is sold to Embarcadero Technologies.

I have mixed feelings with this sell, at one hand it is great that CodeGear finally sails into a safe harbour on the other hand it is sad that the Borland brand link with development now is vanished. Borland, the company that brought us Turbo Pascal, Delphi, (to name a few) and all that other exciting stuff.

Did you know that Embarcadero is a wharf, which appears to be a pier where ships can land? Well if that is not a safe harbour!

Although I don't know the company Embarcadero (still not a very easy name to remember;-) ) it looks like a good deal for both CodeGear and Embarcadero and CodeGear tools users. Time will tell.

Congrats CodeGear!


Olaf Monien said...

Technically it were the CodeGear people who brought us TurboPascal, Delphi etc.
Later other people entered the company, tried to change everything (including the companies name to "Inprise"), found Delphi to be just some Dinosaur and ALM being the future. Finally they decided to dump CG (well divert it).
I'm excited to see the next quarterly numbers of Borland ...

Anonymous said...

Also a little worried. The original problem was that Borland pulled programmer resources from Delphi et al to service Borland's applications products. These had the higher in-house priority and the developer tools suffered.

Can we be sure the guys at Emby will not do the same?

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