Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Delphi 2009 very first impressions

Today the SA announcements finally hit the doorstep. Here are some very first impressions:

1. Installation
Installation improved a lot! Installing Delphi 2009, so not C++ Builder, only took 13 minutes.
The installation of the documentation, which is a separate install took about 17 minutes.

2. First startup
Start up time (cold) is on my machine approx. 10 seconds. A warm start however only takes 6 seconds. (Personally I don't care a lot about startup times, at least as it does not take too long ;-), but is a nice measure point)

My machine: Intel Core 2 duo 1,86 Ghz. 2GB Ram, Windows Vista Business.

So the installation experience is a lot better then before. (remember > 1 hour installations...).
For my real projects I will have to wait for Devexpress, who are now working on Delphi 2009 support, before I can upgrade, but I guess until then there is a lot to explore.....generics, unicode....etc. By the way, Dr Bob has this nice overview with lots of blogpost and resources about Delphi 2009.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It gets even better, regarding install and startup times: I run it in a VMware virtual machine with Windows 2003, hosted on a quad core computer running Windows XP.
Installation- and startup times were/are roughly the same as yours.

(Maybe that just shows that Vista is a pig. ;-) )

But trying to compile any of my Delphi 2007 projects so far has failed due to Delphi 2009 not upgrading the projects correctly. :-( I'll still have to figure out what went wrong.

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