Thursday, May 08, 2008

EmbarraWhat?, Embarcedar, Embarcadero...

Well, not quite breaking news (anymore after one day), CodeGear is sold to Embarcadero Technologies.

I have mixed feelings with this sell, at one hand it is great that CodeGear finally sails into a safe harbour on the other hand it is sad that the Borland brand link with development now is vanished. Borland, the company that brought us Turbo Pascal, Delphi, (to name a few) and all that other exciting stuff.

Did you know that Embarcadero is a wharf, which appears to be a pier where ships can land? Well if that is not a safe harbour!

Although I don't know the company Embarcadero (still not a very easy name to remember;-) ) it looks like a good deal for both CodeGear and Embarcadero and CodeGear tools users. Time will tell.

Congrats CodeGear!