Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Delphi 2005 first impressions...

Finally got the time to download the D2K5 trial, and install it!
Here my first impressions:

- Installation
Despite all negative news in borland non-technical-newsgroup the installation went very well. I did not have to install the .net framework so it took about 7 minutes.

- First run....
Oh yeah Delphi2005 really is a beast. It takes about 23 seconds to start the IDE, but then you will have everything from Win32 to .NET and ECO. (Delphi and C#)

Played a little while with all the demos. No crashes! And then ASP.NET.....

D8 was, somewhat, buggy in ASP.NET support. (Lost HTML code...) So far in D2k5 it looks great, and no HTML code lost so far. Will soon make a better test, because this is for me a main issue.

Still 29 day left.....


Anonymous said...

Same experience here.
Installation went smooth. OK loading takes al little while, but what the hack!

Anonymous said...

Installation is no problem.
The loss of code is not as bad as in D8, but I'm slill losing code.
What is worse, some correct aspx code cannot be saved without Delphi screwing it up.

I use a different editor for my aspx pages now, and D2005 for the pascal editor and compiler.
The IDE is very slow on my machine (PIV 2.0 GHz 512 Mb memory).
I'm using DCM to save memory, but it is still very slow.
The code-completion is rather buggy.

The biggest problem is the lack of delphi examples on the web (unlike C# examples).

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