Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Why you should use Delphi

Nick Hodges does it again on codeFez. He asks again Why you should use Delphi. Well that kind of question keeps the discussion going. :-)

One of the points why you should use Delphi was:
Delphi has been doing “Avalon” for ten years.

Well that is just great. I never realized it myself but again this is, in my opinion, a great benefit for Delphi. First there was VCL then VCL.NET and, who knows, VCL for Avalon. Wow this really makes you think.
Winforms? Well that will definitly not make it to Avalon. (Again who knows, but you better read this.)
VCL.NET? Not such a bad choice, even if it will not make it to Avalon.
VCL? No problem, there is that beautifull upgrade path to VCL.NET, and maybe later to Avalon.........

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ikari said...

I wish i had Avalon's VCL in Delphi. But now I can't even compile or run anything with Avalon ant .NET 2.0 betas ! :// Sigh :( Seems like the only platform that WILL support Avalon will be VS for a LONG time..

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