Monday, August 07, 2006

Delphi man returns with Turbo Man

And how....Devco's answer on Microsoft Visual Studio Express.

They are back...the Turbo Tools, powered by Turbo Man!
More adventures can be found in the Borland museum.

Devco is reintroducing the Turbo tools. According the website there will be four of them:
  1. Turbo Delphi Win32
  2. Turbo Delphi for .NET
  3. Turbo C#
  4. Turbo C++

They come in two editions: Explorer, which is free! and a professional edition!

This is really exciting news!

Some press releases can be found here:
The Turbotools press release
Interview with DavidI on eweek
And another one


Anonymous said...

Nice post! It seems that your "Delphi (Turbo) Man" picture comes directly from my blog... :-)
If that's true, it's an honour. ;-)

Roland Beenhakker said...


Amazing, I think you are right!

That Delphi man, you can't track him ;-)

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