Monday, August 14, 2006

Turbo pricing

According some webshops here in the Netherlands, the Turbo professional editions will cost EUR 399,00! (That is excl. 19% VAT so: EUR 474,80 incl. VAT ).
The academic version costs : EUR 82,00 (incl. VAT).

I think these are very reasonable prices for a product with no less features as the BDS professional edition.
Note that you can only install one Turbo per PC.

The free Explorer edition is also available on CD for a lousy EUR 25,00!


Daniel Maltarollo said...


Can you point out some of these webshops you mention? Is this a presales? At there are not prices yet.

Anonymous said...

Here two websites mentioning the prices. It is not really presales but of course they will deliver from 5 september I guess.
(They are in dutch)

Anonymous said...

and remember all prices shown on this pages are ex. 19% VAT.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, these are very reasonable prices!

Anonymous said...

For Borland 1 Euro = 1 US Dollar... This is NOT reasonable but plain cheat!!!

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