Monday, February 26, 2007

Free PHP 5.0 book

OK, so now that we have Delphi for PHP almost on our doorstep it is time for those who don't do PHP yet, but who want to do PHP now, to gather PHP information.

I always wanted to do PHP, but never had, or took, the time to dig in it. Now that CodeGear offers PHP 'the Delphi way' the time might have come to go for it!

During 'googling' for interesting PHP sites I found this free PHP book:

PHP 5.0 Power programming

This book must cover all PHP related stuff because it has more then 700 pages! (For sure didn't read it all yet)
You can download it here. (Like I said its a free PDF download!)


Anonymous said...

Excellent Book!
Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Gracias! / Thanks! the book is very useful. This is the second time I get help from you

Anonymous said...

Very good source for Delphi for PHP. I suggest to who want to learn this language. Thank you so much.

Omar said...

Thanks for the link. Haven't read it yet, but any free doc is a great initiative and help.

Anonymous said...

when i extract files it says no fies,not able to download properly

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