Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Delphi 2007 for Win32 and Delphi for PHP

As you probably already know CodeGear announced yesterday Delphi 2007 for Win32 and Delphi for PHP. I will not sum up all the features here again because that is done already by many bloggers, but will summarize most of the stuff.

Delphi 2007 for Win32
Delphi 2007 for Win32 is a Win32 personality only. As stated by CodeGear this is a direct result of the Delphi Survey. Delphi 2007 is a Studio member and therefor it will be integrated in the next CodeGear Developer Studio codename Highlander.

*Should I upgrade to Delphi 2007?
Good question if you are a BDS2006 user, like I am, you would probably answer this question with no. Why not wait a little longer for Highlander to arrive?
Delphi 2007 is a none dcu breaking version which means that (almost) all your code should run fine. I.o.w. upgrading from BDS2006 should be painless.
CodeGear also offers software assurance, which mean that if you buy Delphi 2007 you would get all the Studio members for the coming year including Highlander. In that case upgrading now would be a wise decision indeed.
If you use Delphi 7 or earlier then you probably are a Win32 developer only, and then this is the moment to upgrade.

*Note this is my interpretation of all the information flooding on the web. Please check the CodeGear websites and blogs for all the details.

Here are some links:
CodeGear Announcement
Delphi 2007 product page
Delphi 2007 Faq
Delphi 2007 Datasheet
Nick Hodges talking about SA (and clearing some confusion)
Answering Questions and Clarifying

Delphi for PHP
Delphi for PHP could be a real winner for CodeGear. Delphi for PHP is a Delphi implementation for PHP, so beware it is not PHP with Object Pascal, it is just PHP the Delphi way done.
Some argue that the name Delphi for PHP is cluttering the Delphi name, because Delphi is known as language (Object Pascal), or was it an IDE, or a framework (VCL). Anyway it will attract attention to Delphi as whole, which is, in my opinion, a good thing.

Delphi for PHP in fact is qstudio from quadram, which I blogged a month ago about. It looked, and looks of course, very familiar with Delphi. Some people already wondered back then......

Did you subscribe to the qadram qstudio newsletter list?
On the qadram site is announced that those people will get a special offer for Delphi for PHP! (Hmmm I think I wait a little longer...)

Here are some links:
CodeGear Announcement
Delphi for PHP product page
Delphi for PHP Faq
Delphi for PHP Datasheet
DNTV: Delphi for PHP introduction


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New forum dedicated to Delphi for PHP, have a look:

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It can be downloaded from
(100% working version, tried)

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