Monday, April 02, 2007

D4PHP database connections with ADOdb

In my quest to setup a DSN less connection to an Access database I found ADOdb on sourceforge which apparently is used by Delphi for PHP.
Here you will find lots of information on getting connected to *any* database.
See this nice overview with all possible database connections.

Update 3-4-2007:
You can setup a DSN less connection to an Access database:

Database.DriverName = "access";
Database.Host = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=c:\\phptest\phptest.mdb;"

This should also work, using the jet OLDB provider, but somehow it did not work for me:

Database.DriverName = "ado_access";
Database.Host = "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;DATA SOURCE=c:\\phptest\phptest.mdb;USER ID=;PASSWORD=;";

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Anonymous said...

What I have done to load a MS Access database:

1. Create an ODBC database resource in the System Maintenance ODBC Manager
2. Create an application and add a database component
3. In the database component :
- DriverName : odbc
- Host : the ODBC Resouce name created before
4. Add a table,datasource, grid etc to your canvas and put the right properties
5. run your program.....