Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On with Delphi 2007, BDS2006 Win32 personality retires from the scene

Well I finally converted all my projects from BDS 2006 to Delphi 2007. As promissed by CodeGear there were no fatal issues involved because of the so called 'binary compatability', Besides the usual stuff like installing updated third-party libraries and adding search pathes etcetera everything worked fine.
It is a good thing to make an installation protocol, because installations of the package (sometimes) need to be installed in the proper order. A protocol makes the process even smoother. (It is scary how fast you forget the installation order)

One issue I have had was a problem with the Help after installing my devexpress components. After installing these components there is an issue regarding the Filtering in the Help which then shows only the devexpress help, which is a pitty because the Delphi Help is so much improved. Fortunately Devexpress has an temporary solution which you can find here. (Issue AB12388)

All with all a smooth transition with no fatal ('Oh oh......') moments. ;-)

Now I only use BDS2006 for my .NET related projects. It is a bit strange to have two seperated Delphi's again just as with Delphi 7 and 8, but BDS2007 is on its way so that should be temporary.

Update: I noticed that BDS2006 is not shown in the taskbar. I am not sure that this has to do with the installation of Delphi 2007. Easy to solve anyway, minimize once and it is back.


Fernando Madruga said...

It's a known issue (QC#43092,44543) and yes, it has to do with Delphi 2007's installation.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you. I ran into numerous issues with D2007 Pro including a catastrophic memory leak when using TurboPro Async Pro. My signature program won't run error messages. The same code is STABLE on the older versions.

I am also having trouble loading ActiveX COM controls on the Tool Palete that load easily on other Delphi versions. I can use the TLB OK..that means I can code a project on an earlier version, then rerun it on D2007 and it works but I can use the objects on the Tool Palette because they won't go there. Yes, some stuff does transition easily but a lot does not.

Anonymous said...

I have also tried to install activex components with no success. Any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

TurboPro Async results in lots of blue screens when used with Delphi 2007. Is there an alternative that does work with 2007?

Anonymous said...

It can be downloaded from
(100% working version, tried)

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