Thursday, September 13, 2007

SA or not SA

Is SA worth while?
This is what Bruce McGee asks himself (and us) in this blogpost.
From a financial point of view it is a good deal. Personally I am very disappointed with my first SA experience.

Together with the Delphi 2007 for Win32 edition I bought software assurance because I tend to use the Delphi .NET personality for my winforms development (What was I thinking?). At that time nothing indicated that the winforms designer was not in the RAD Studio later that year.
Now that RAD Studio is out, it is kind of funny (ahum sad) that there is no reason, for me, to even install it. The Update 3 is all I need.

Is SA worth while?


Bruce McGee said...

This is a fair point, especially if you have already written code that uses WinForms.

I went the other way. I really only use WinForms in C#, so this decision doesn't affect me much.

On the other hand, I'm really happy to see .Net 2.0 support.

Anonymous said...

Feel your pain, we are in the same boat. OTOH, I got this 20% discount back then.

Anonymous said...

I too purchased SA with my Delphi 2007 for Win32. It seems to make sense from a fianancial perspective, especially because there may even be another release before my SA expires.

As for WinForms... I agree that it was very unfair of CG to just all of a sudden take this direction. I haven't personally begun WinForms develoment; however, I slept well knowing I had a tool of 10+ years that was ready for whatever was thrown my way.

Needless to say, I don't sleep well now. I live in fear that some day I will wake to find that CG has removed ASP.NET for RAD Studio... then I'm in trouble. For this reason I wouldn't touch Blackfish SQL with a 10 foot pole!

I can't believe the energy they are putting into Ruby???? Why not do something useful like target the MAC. I'm sure many of us Windows developers are carefully watching the MAC market seemingly expand without any way to easily transfer our known skills...can you say Chrome?


Anonymous said...

Het spijt me te horen dat het ontbreken van WinForms support (en wellicht ook C# designer support) je nu opbreekt. Maar dat staat in mijn ogen los van het concept van Subscription (SA).
CodeGear kan in de volgende Win32 versie ook besluiten om andere features weg te laten of te vervangen. De BDE, SQL Links (is al weg) maar ook WebBroker/WebSnap of de TSimpeDataSet zouden zeker een optie kunnen zijn om straks ook niet meer terug te zien...

Met andere woorden: hoewel het balen is dat WInForms er niet in zit, doet dat in mijn ogen niet af aan het feit dat subscription IMHO een goede deal is (ik verkoop als reseller - tot nu toe - alleen maar licenties in combinatie met subcription)... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dropping Winforms is a bad move and droping C# CodeDOM for ECO is just even worse! Delphi CodeDOM never work in generating the proper "abstract" keyword for abstract ECO classes. Limitation set by the circular reference issue also limits my way of modeling. I have already decided to drop Delphi for ECO projects right after implementing and maintaining a ECO Delphi project long ago....

Now I have to wait for ECO plugin for VS .NET...

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