Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tiburon win32 only, speculating on the .NET plans

Nick Hodges laid out Tiburon in his blogpost Tiburon - All about native code. As it seems Tiburon will only be Win32, so no .NET personality.

Other notes:
- Delphi and C++ Builder will be two seperat products (Don't worry If you have SA you will get both)
- Besides the known Professional and Enterprise edition there will be an Architect edition containing ER/Studio.

The .NET plans
Quote from the post:
"We will be coming out with an updated roadmap for our .Net solution that we believe will be feature rich and very compelling.  It will include up to date support for the latest Microsoft .NET based frameworks and other CLR-based technologies."

I don't know what it is, but there is something strange with this .NET plans.  In July I also blogged about the .NET plans quoting Michael Swindell.
One particular line in that quote:

"So we have been working on a more aggressive .NET approach that focuses less on being a .NET clone of the native Delphi implementation and more of an open approach that will make more frameworks, platforms, and features available and in a more timely manner."

makes me wonder. What would be the plan?

Don't tell me they will be coming up with a Visual Studio plugin! ;-)


Esteban Pacheco said...

I sincerely hope not.

If I wanted to have a plug-in of Delphi on VS, I will be using Chrome.

Which if that is the case and I need to change IDE then I will be using C#.

Chava GR said...

I don't think so and I hope not either. What I hope for .Net plans is what Borland did in their better days with win32: to take .Net framework an FCL and build a super-framework on top of it.

I mean some really cool clases/controls/components that make the difference and give us, Delphi.Net users, the advantage.

Anonymous said...

What ever thy do they should not leave existing RAD 2007 users high & dry

Anonymous said...

In comments Nick Hodges now said that the updated .NET roadmap will be presented in weeks (instead of months).

I'm wondering too what their plans will be. Integration into Visual Studio?

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