Saturday, December 24, 2005

BDS 2006 in the works...

Well I installed BDS2006 lately and found some time to work with it. Here are my 'first' impressions.

  • Installation went smooth, taking about 25 minutes.
  • Converting D7 win32 applications went easy, only thing I had to change was the fact that the SQL property of a TADOQuery is now of type TWideStrings instead of TStrings. So I had to change on three location code like this : MyAdoQuery.SQL := AStringList to MyAdoQuery.SQL.Text := AStringList.Text. No problem what so ever.
  • Converting an Delphi 8 ASP.NET application was a bit confusing at first, because Delphi didn't see it as a ASP.NET application. Well it was my own fault, I had not all the files in my version control system included, copying it all from another PC worked well. As posted in an early entry I did have a few problems connecting to a SQL Server database with BDP in my ASP.NET application. The problem was that connecting to the database timed out. After struggling around with it for a while I found out that the problem was in the connection string. Where it says hostname I had ' localhost' changing this to '(local) or ' .' solved the problem. I still can not understand what the problem is with localhost. It could be a IIS problem, a SQL Server problem or a Delphi 2006 problem. Anyone...?
  • BDS2006 start up speed is fine. Especially starting up one personality is very fast, however don't try to load a project type from another one. :-)
  • Coding is fine. Live templates are cool, I had to get used to it though. Together integration is marvelous, ECO is even better!

Well time to pack up my old Delphi 7 and Delphi 8 and move all my projects over to BDS 2006.

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