Tuesday, December 06, 2005

BDS2006 video's

While I'm still waiting for BDS2006 to arrive on my doorstep, there is a lot of information about BDS2006 from lucky ones who already got it!

A great introduction video (and more to come according the page) has been made by Daniel R. Wolf from Delphi-Praxis. The first video shows the VCL designer improvements and the live templates in the editor. Even if you don't speak German it is a great video. Super!

A lot information can be gained from all the blogs out there. My primary source is
http://www.delphifeeds.com and of course the Borland blogs.

It seems that BDS2006 really is a blast! :-)

And the waiting continues....... :(

Looks like BDS2006 hits The Netherlands now. My supplier changed the tag 'Expected' to 'New!' yesterday 5-12-2006. (Santa Claus day to be specific :-) )

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