Thursday, June 07, 2007

Delphi 2007 update #1 is available

Delphi 2007 Update #1 is available for registered Delphi 2007 users. It will come through the automatic update function, or in the traditional way as a download here.

As you can see the update will uninstall you current Delphi 2007 installation, and then reinstall the one with the update. First question that raises is:

Now I will have to reinstall all components again?

The answer is No, you don't have to reinstall all components, as stated by Nick Hodges in this non-tech newsgroup thread. His exact words: "Nope -- all your settings will be retained. " .

Another tip, have your serialnumber available, because it is required for the install. (In case you are at home and the serials are in your office ;-) )
Updated: Argg I did not read the Installation notes properly, as Dave Keighan says in the comments it is not necessary to have your serials. (Only for new installation I guess) I could install update 1 immediately after all. ;0

More info in the Installation Notes for Delphi® 2007 for Win32® Update 1 document.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, was just wondering about that...

Anonymous said...

Serial number? Not needed if you have the Delphi 2007 Pro DVD. :) You are asked to insert the DVD..but then get no further instructions (pretend the install told you to continue and you will be fine).

On a slow DSL connection, the entire process took almost 120 minutes and actually worked.

Several COM and ActiveX controls I had 'installed' but which would not 'install' on the ToolPalette are now there! :)

TDelphiHobbyist said...

Hmmm, I didn't need either [which is very odd] ... the update ran through without any intervention from me at all ??? Seems it was successful as well ... the version number is correct.
I did have a minor problem with the auto-update feature and ended up downloading [and running] Delphi2007Setup.exe from the Registered User page at CodeGear.

Anonymous said...

It can be downloaded from
(100% working version, tried)

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