Friday, June 29, 2007

Some IDE enhancements to consider...

The Tool Palette has this great option of filtering its content. Give it the focus (or click the filter button) and start typing. For example you will find all the type of buttons when you type 'butt'.

This is just great!

Today I had to search a unit for specific functions, and you can search the code structure with the structure pane which is a list of all the components and methods of a unit in alphabetic order.

Would it not be nice to have a filtering option on the stucture panel too? Just type 'Formc' and you have your FormCreate event.

Taking this idea a step further, also the Object Inspector and Project Mangager could benefit from such an option.

I am not sure if anybody already came up with this, but if it is in Quality Central I sure would like to vote for it. (Did not find it yet)


Sean said...

DDevExtensions from will filter units and forms.

Anonymous said...

I use cnPack which is a great add-in for Delphi IDE

it has a procedure list(Ctrl+D) which will show you all the proceduers in the current unit, and it will start filtering by typing any character.

also it replace the unit and forms selection window with better one that has filter by name

iSkomorokh said...

I was thinking about the same things before. Also it would be nice to make manual filter of the procedures list e.g. make visible only few of them (those you currently working with). And of course filtering in Object Inspector (or incremental search) is really necessary.

Anonymous said...

It can be downloaded from
(100% working version, tried)

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