Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trouble installing update #1, frozen Collecting Information page?

Installing Delphi update #1 on my desktop machine was smooth and rather fast ( less than a hour). On my laptop however it was a different story. :-(
The installation was "frozen" on the Collection Information page. Something that took only 5 seconds or so on my desktop PC.
After waiting for 3 hours I killed the process and downloaded the 700 Mb installation from CodeGear here.
Again all "hanged" on the Collecting information page. Having not that much patient anymore I killed the setup process within a hour.

Fortunately Robert M. Lincoln had just posted a thread in the non-tech that he had the same problem and solved it by disabling all the startup apps using the MSConfig.

(3) This time, I ran MSCONFIG, and disabled allstartup programs (using "Selective Startup", uncheck"Load startup items", leave checked "Load SystemServices", "Use original boot configuration" is checkedand greyed out). After rebooting, I ran as in (2) aboveusing the DVD from the ISO file.This time, success!

Installation was just as fast as on my desktop PC! :-)
Now wondering what app blocked the installation?


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem. I've rebooted my computer and it has worked the second time. Fortunately, I was using a downloaded installation setup, so I loose "only" 30 minutes..

Fernando Madruga said...

Something similar here: updating on a VM with only Windows + Delphi took over 5 hours before I quited. Haven't tried again even though I downloaded the full ISO and upgrading from there on my main machine worked perfect and swiftly. Will try again on the VM from the ISO and see what happens...

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