Thursday, November 02, 2006

The bug by accident #2

OK, you think you found a bug, you report it very carefully in Quality Central and write something about in a blogpost, all because of the fact that the bug was caused accidentally.

After that you expect some confirmation of people who encounter the same problem. It happens that no one else so far, including some coworkers can reproduce this bug.
Huh, time to investigate some more. For those who did not read the blogpost, the bug happens when you type, or paste, the string =: in a class definition. Memory is freaking out upto 1,9GB.

Looking more carefully to the Windows Taskbar it appeared that 1,9GB is used by Windows, but only 15MB by BDS.exe. No other processes use even more memory then BDS, where did approx. 1GB memory go???
As someone suggested I did stop the Error Insight feature but had no luck, the bug is still there.

The solution
After turning off most of the BDS features the problem still persisted, and I asked myself why to put so much effort in a bug, which only happens by accident.
Anyway I found the part that causes the problem : Castalia 4 BE.
After turning off the 'Enable Delphi parser'  option the bug was gone.

This bug is caused by Castalia in combination with BDS. QC Report updated. (Pooh it isn't me :-) )
Can someone please confirm this? (After confirmation I will drop an email to Castalia about this problem)
What is causing the huge amount of memory while no process owns it?

Well all this trouble for a bug which was not meant to be a bug...


Anonymous said...

Castalia 4 BE... um... try opening Outlook200.pas or OutlookXP.pas found in OCX\Servers with Castalia installed.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed. I've got exactly the same results.

Anonymous said...

hello... oh yeah it happens the same to me... turbo delphi pro + castalia 4 writing =: below private section in a class declaration equals a juicy crash ..freezing up completely the ide and rising the memory usage to 1.72 gigs on my machine

Anonymous said...

With all the new features, is Castalia still a good extra? (I had a look at it about 4 years ago, but thought it slowed down my system too much...)

Anonymous said...

I like castalia, can't live without the comboboxes at the top for code navigations.
Hey just don't type a =: in a class definition and you will be fine.

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