Thursday, November 02, 2006

The bug by accident

Today I encounterd, by accident, a 'bug' in Borland Developer Studio using the Delphi personality. I do quote the bug here, because actually it is not a bug, but on the other hand it is a bug. (How about confusion)

Accidently I pasted a string in de class definition of a form. The pasted string happened to be part of a query with a parameter in it.

"WHERE somefield =: SomValue "

After this BDS increased its memory usage upto 1,9GB!
This is definitly a bug, but what is the chance that you encounter this bug?
Actually almost zero. I mean who types a '=:' in a class definition? Well ahum I do.

I assumed this bug has something to do with Error insight, so I reported it in Quality Central where you can find in under QC36020.

Main issue here: Is a bug a bug until he (or she) is discovered?

Go try it yourself!

Steps to reproduce:
1. Start BDS2006
2. Create a new VCL application
3. Type =: in, for example, the private section of the TForm class definition


Anonymous said...

I cannot reproduce this bug. Did you install all the updates?

Anonymous said...

Yes all updates and hotfixes installed

Anonymous said...

I can't reproduce the bug too, but I have all the together stuff disabled, maybe the problem came from there?

Anonymous said...

I cannot reproduce this bug, you have a problem with your PC/Install .

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