Thursday, November 09, 2006

Microsoft urges Delphi developers to .NET #2

Looks like a battle is beginning all over again.

Here Tim Anderson's report from the Tech-Ed session.


Anonymous said...

Well, being at a Microsoft event, it's not exactly expected that Hadi would put in a plug for native Win32 development. But it's still shocking to see how Microsoft are lying to themselves and their customers about this. Granted, .NET, especially ASP.NET is a great platform, but the native side of things will still be there for years to come. For example, are the Office 2007 ribbons developed in .NET? No! In fact the only component I know is .NET is the ODF to DOCX converter that is currently in development. The message this is sending out is sort of clear: .NET is good for converters and websites, but if it comes to high-performant applications, Microsoft itself doesn't trust its technology yet.

Anonymous said...

I find it even more shocking that a company like Microsoft uses such a low marketing strategy.
It shows that .NET has nothing to do with language independent framework and all that, but it is just another Microsoft marketing tool.

Anonymous said...

Guys you really ought to get a life. If you think that MS asks people to come and speak about porting to their technology, you're just wacko!

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