Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Microsoft urges Delphi developers to .NET

According to Tim Anderson's blogpost Microsoft has a special session at the Tech-Ed in Barcelona targeting Delphi developers.

Quote from Microsoft session:
Even if you are not considering .NET now, at some point you will have to move to .NET with new code, or to port existing code. Staying with Win32 may be viable in the short term, but not the long term.

Well, I am not sure what to think of this. There might be some point in time (who knows?) that you will have to move to .NET, however there are no signs on the wall that Win32 is being abounded real soon.
Delphi developers can still make awesome Win32 applications, which have plenty of opportunity to be ported to .NET at some time in the future with minimum effort. (I have blogged about the possibility's here ).

Delphi is all about being able to choose.

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Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen a compelling reason to move to Delphi though I've looked at it off and on since Delphi 2. The "choice" factor could be a valid selling point if it wasn't for the way things work in .Net-land having to choose once again between VCL or "native" .Net classes. But choice still beats no choice.

If Win32 will fade it'll be post-Vista. Perhaps the new MS-Novell deal will make this happen earlier than a new Microsoft OS release though... if perhaps Mono gets turned into a more faithful and complete Framework matching up with the Windows version.

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