Saturday, December 24, 2005

BDS 2006 in the works...

Well I installed BDS2006 lately and found some time to work with it. Here are my 'first' impressions.

  • Installation went smooth, taking about 25 minutes.
  • Converting D7 win32 applications went easy, only thing I had to change was the fact that the SQL property of a TADOQuery is now of type TWideStrings instead of TStrings. So I had to change on three location code like this : MyAdoQuery.SQL := AStringList to MyAdoQuery.SQL.Text := AStringList.Text. No problem what so ever.
  • Converting an Delphi 8 ASP.NET application was a bit confusing at first, because Delphi didn't see it as a ASP.NET application. Well it was my own fault, I had not all the files in my version control system included, copying it all from another PC worked well. As posted in an early entry I did have a few problems connecting to a SQL Server database with BDP in my ASP.NET application. The problem was that connecting to the database timed out. After struggling around with it for a while I found out that the problem was in the connection string. Where it says hostname I had ' localhost' changing this to '(local) or ' .' solved the problem. I still can not understand what the problem is with localhost. It could be a IIS problem, a SQL Server problem or a Delphi 2006 problem. Anyone...?
  • BDS2006 start up speed is fine. Especially starting up one personality is very fast, however don't try to load a project type from another one. :-)
  • Coding is fine. Live templates are cool, I had to get used to it though. Together integration is marvelous, ECO is even better!

Well time to pack up my old Delphi 7 and Delphi 8 and move all my projects over to BDS 2006.

Monday, December 19, 2005

I have it :-)

A few days ago BDS 2006 arrived! :-)
Because I'm rebuilding my house at this moment I had to find my PC between the building stuff (and dust) to install it. (My laptop has 256 Mb, I don't think it is a good idea to install it on that, perhaps I will try this later.)

Installation on my PIV 2,4 GHz with 512 Mb went smooth and took about 25 minutes.
Played a little and this beast is really fast and stable.
I got an error running an Delphi 8 ASP.NET application on my connections, somehow the 'old' connection components generated some error in the BdpConnectionStrings.xml file.
I remember such a problem during a Delphi 8 update, but I really don't have the time to investigate it now. Anyone reading this familiair with this problem? Any suggestion is much appreciated. By the way new connections are no problem at all.
(Maybe it is better to uninstall Delphi 8 first....)

The livetemplates are very cool and easy to use.
Well back to building, painting and other stuff, one thing is sure rebuilding your house during a Delphi release is no good idea. :-s

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Delphi 2006, editor shortcuts

Adam Markowitz has listed all the 'common used' short cuts in Delphi 2006.

I sure don't know (or use) them all, yet.

View the list here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Live templates video

While waiting for my Delphi to arrive (back ordered next week :( ) Daniel R Wolf has a really great video on templates. (and more)

In the #3 video he shows how easy it is to make your own templates. These templates are really 'super man' food!

Watch them all here.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

BDS2006 video's

While I'm still waiting for BDS2006 to arrive on my doorstep, there is a lot of information about BDS2006 from lucky ones who already got it!

A great introduction video (and more to come according the page) has been made by Daniel R. Wolf from Delphi-Praxis. The first video shows the VCL designer improvements and the live templates in the editor. Even if you don't speak German it is a great video. Super!

A lot information can be gained from all the blogs out there. My primary source is and of course the Borland blogs.

It seems that BDS2006 really is a blast! :-)

And the waiting continues....... :(

Looks like BDS2006 hits The Netherlands now. My supplier changed the tag 'Expected' to 'New!' yesterday 5-12-2006. (Santa Claus day to be specific :-) )

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