Sunday, January 28, 2007

Anders on LINQ and functional programming

Through Charlie Calvert's weblog I found this post where Charlie interviews  Anders Hejlsberg  about the forthcoming LINQ technology and functional programming.
Being old Borlanders they talk about the evolution of programming languages and IDE's, which is for a large group of programmers (including me) Turbo Pascal - Turbo Pascal OOP - Delphi - C# (for .NET) and, as they say, the next BIG thing will be LINQ.

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query, and will be introduced in C# 3.0 (Code name Orcas). Well I could try to explain what it is here, but you better watch the video where Anders gives a very good (and simple) introduction in the use and usability of this new technology. He also talks about the use of Lambda expressions which play a great role in LINQ.

Anyway intresting stuff...

Watch the streaming version, or download it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Use an image as your UIBarButtonItem

Using an image as your UIBarButtonItem in your navigationcontroller bar can only be achieved by using a common UIButton as the BarButtonItem...