Friday, June 09, 2006

Delphi roadmap update

Borland's Developer Tools Group has published updated roadmaps for JBuilder and Delphi/C++.

Upcoming Delphi versions according the roadmap:

Delphi Highlander
Release: Early 2007
  • -Support for .NET 2.0
  • -Additional refactorings and unit testing
  • -Delphi .NET support for generic types, partial classes, and nullable types
  • -VCL for .NET 2.0
  • -ECO for .NET 2.0
  • -Seamless project conversion to .NET 2.0.
  • -IDE design surfaces for .NET Compact Frameworks (using VCL.NET on CF)
  • -64 bit .NET apps written using WinForms and VCL.NET
  • -64 bit code generation will be added to the Delphi native code compliers to support native 64 bit development and debugging. (See update belowe)
  • -IDE and VCL runtimes to support Unicode.

Delphi Longhorn
Release: 2008

  • -VCL for Avalon
  • -Indigo

The image of the roadmap shows a Delphi Vista (mid 2007) and a Delphi for Win64 (2008) which are not mentioned in the article itself. Delphi for Win64 however is mentioned in the release of Highlander so the roadmap image seems not to be in sync with the article?

11-06-2006 Update:
About 64 bit code generation which was stated in the article like this:

"In addition, 64 bit code generation will be added to the Delphi native code compliers to support native 64 bit development and debugging"

You could conclude that this would be in Delphi Highlander early 2007. But as I said this conflicts with the image.
John Kaster has updated the article, where it now says:

64 bit code generation will be added to the Delphi native code compilers to support native 64 bit development and debugging after the initial Highlander release.

IMO this means that it will not be in the initial release of Highlander, but it will be added shortly after the release. It also means that the image is still out of date!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Putting the act to the word

Just before the creation of DevCo I feel it is time to boost Delphi once again. Because, you know what, it still is the best development tool out there for Win32 and .NET development. (And a lot more...)
Although the blogging community is fresh and kicking, a lot of, long time existing, Delphi sites looks to me unattended and out of date. (Not all of course)
Just like a dutch Delphi portal site, that I found recently. This site had a thick layer of dust on top of it with broken links and links directing to non Delphi sites or out-of-date data. In my opinion sites like this are very important for the succes of Delphi.

So putting the act to the word (a translated dutch saying I am not sure if this make sense in Englisch) I decided to become the webmaster of this portal. I have done a bit of cleaning like removing the broken links and putting in some new sections like Weblogs, ECO and AJAX. Right now I am still gathering new links and sections.
If you have any link/section suggestion please let me know here and I will add it to the portal.

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