Monday, May 18, 2009

Applying Domain-Driven Design - Book review

Before this weekend I got my copy of Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Jimmy Nilsson.
Althought the title, in my opinion should be "Applying Domain-Driven Design, Test Driven Design and Patterns", because beside DDD it covers a great deal of TDD also.
Design patterns for me were always a bit fuzzy, something from far-far-away land. However lately I am having more and more interest in Test Driven Devleopment and that software design method drives you towards better, testable, design, and Domain Driven Design seems to being just doing that.

Back to book
When you order a book about Design Patterns you expect it to be more a reference then a complete read, because the stuff looks to be boring ('dry stuff' as we say here), without trying it out.
In this book however the author takes you on a journey of software architecture, design and decisions. The book gives lots of "Aha!", "Huh?" and "Done that" moments which, I guess, keeps you awake.
It is loaded with lots of solutions for particular (recognizable) software problems, not just pushing Design Patterns, but making you think more about the right solutions, which always depends....

In just three days I have read half of the book already! For me that is rare.

So if you are interested in better software design I can highly recommend this book, it reads like a breeze!

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