Thursday, November 20, 2008

DevExpress will support Delphi Prism

Now that Delphi for .NET (now Delphi Prism) has become a Visual Studio plugin it is possible to use all the .NET components out there.

DevExpress, which btw started as a Delphi shop, has a great component set called DXperience for ASP.NET and Winforms development. Until now they only supported the Visual Studio IDE's.
You could use this components also in Delphi for .NET however they were not officialy supported. (No installation and technical support)

According to this blogpost by Julian Bucknall the CTO of DevExpress, it looks like they will support Delphi Prism in the official sense of the word.

The story is that we shall be supporting Delphi Prism with DXperience and we're evaluating what we need to do to make that work. As it happens: not very much -- it installs just fine and, on first blush, seems to work just fine. There are more exhaustive tests to complete, obviously.

Of course this is not an official statement......

We use the DXPerience components daily in our C# projects, and they are just great. We feel that Visual Studio with C#/VB.NET/Delphi Prism + DXPerience gives the developer the same power as Delphi for Win32 as we know it for so long. (For Winforms developement).

In my opinion this is great step for Delphi Prism in the .NET world.

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