Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogpost from Windows Live Writer

This is more like a test blogpost, using the new Microsoft Windows Live Writer application.
WLW supports many blog engines like Blogger, dasBlog and of course MSN Live spaces and many more.
WLW is a WYSIWYG editor with all the standard editor functions and more, like spellchecking and the possibility to insert a map using Microsoft Virtual Earth. I tried to show you where I live, but it gave me an error :( 
It is obvious that WLW is written in .NET, startup time is a bit slow, but when it is running it is quit snappy.

Developers are able to extend the capabilities using the Windows Live Write SDK.

All with all a nice tool for writing blogpost straight from the desktop. And if you can read this is, it must be working for blogger.com :-)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Turbo pricing

According some webshops here in the Netherlands, the Turbo professional editions will cost EUR 399,00! (That is excl. 19% VAT so: EUR 474,80 incl. VAT ).
The academic version costs : EUR 82,00 (incl. VAT).

I think these are very reasonable prices for a product with no less features as the BDS professional edition.
Note that you can only install one Turbo per PC.

The free Explorer edition is also available on CD for a lousy EUR 25,00!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Delphi man returns with Turbo Man

And how....Devco's answer on Microsoft Visual Studio Express.

They are back...the Turbo Tools, powered by Turbo Man!
More adventures can be found in the Borland museum.

Devco is reintroducing the Turbo tools. According the website www.turboexplorer.com there will be four of them:
  1. Turbo Delphi Win32
  2. Turbo Delphi for .NET
  3. Turbo C#
  4. Turbo C++

They come in two editions: Explorer, which is free! and a professional edition!

This is really exciting news!

Some press releases can be found here:
The Turbotools press release
Interview with DavidI on eweek
And another one

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