Wednesday, April 13, 2005

C# and his big brother

Lately I have been doing my first (real world) C# project. (Unfortunately I had to do it in VS2003 ;( )
C# must be Delphi's little brother! The language really feels like the Delphi language. Also the syntax, was not all that difficult to get used to.
I find my self programming 'Delphi code style' in C#.

For example in Delphi you write a function like this:

function ReturnANumber(SomeCondition : Integer) : Integer;
Result := 0;
If SomeCondition > 100 then
Result := 101
Result := 102;

You can not do this in C#, because it will return immediately to the caller, so I figured the following:

private int ReturnANumber(int SomeCondition)
int Result;
Result = 0;
If (SomeCondition > 100)
Result = 101

Result = 102;

return Result;

How about this function:

private void bool Assigned(object AObject)
if (AObject = null) return false else return true;

If you use this function for raising an event, well it could almost be Delphi :-)

if Assigned(SomeMethodPointerType) SomeMethodPointerType(this);

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