Monday, September 11, 2006

Go Turbo

Last week the Turbo Explorer editions have been launched. Nothing new here or you must have been living under a rock.
Although I'm personal not intrested in getting the Turbos because I use BDS 2006 I can certainly feel the excitement about it and will advocate it as much as possible. Here are some intresting blogposts from the last week:

Turbomerger is an utility by Andy which allows you to build your own Turbo Explorer Studio so that you can use all personalities (Delphi Win32, Delphi .NET, C++ and C#) on one machine. It seems that this is allowed and that it was only a technical problem to be solved. Great stuff!

ISO Images are set online according to Daniel Wischnewski's blogpost by Delphi Praxis so that you burn your own installation CD's. Even CD labels are provided in PDF format. I think we all should burn a couple and give them away to intrested developers.

Turbo Delphi Explorer from Square one is a document by Jeff Duntemann which might be, according to the website, the beginning of a new book. Jeff Duntemann really inspired me back in the 80's with his Complete Pascal series. His books are a good read and funny. I remember his book on Delphi 1 which included a real novell starring 'Ace Breakpoint'. Intresting to see new work from him.

Bitwise magazine started a new serie 'Introduction into Delphi' is the official home of the Turbos. Stay tuned to this website for more information. You can download the turbos here or go to one of the available mirrors.

More Turbo info from Borland:
Places to buy Turbo Professional
The Turbo Editions FAQ


Anonymous said...

Hi Roland,

Is Turbo Delphi cool, or what?!

I enjoyed reading your post, especially the part about Jeff and his many, truly excellent programming books. Beyond his excellent writing skills, Jeff is a great guy and very fun to work with.

I was surprised to see Ace Breakpoint mentioned! It's been quite a while since I've seen Ace's name in print. (I created Ace and wrote those "action tutorials" for Coriolis Books, and I'm pleased that you enjoyed them. I'll let Ace know that you mentioned him. ;)

Roland Beenhakker said...

Hi Don,

That book with Ace Breakpoint is by far de best Delphi book ever. I still recommend it for developers who want to learn Delphi.

I wonder what Ace would be thinking getting his hands on Turbo Delphi?

I figure that it is something like this:

"I put my hat on. The fog fainted slowly as the sun set in. I looked over Liberty Bay and saw just the mountain Rainer through the fog. While placing my foot on the railing a BIG smile came on my face.

A beautiful day, I thought. Looks like it is going to rain."

Any chance there will be new Ace Breakpoint adventures?

Anonymous said...

Hi Roland,

I think Ace would indeed feel that way - although he might be concerned with all the recent press on Turbo Delphi that Melvin Bohacker might discover an easy way to RAD program in C++ and C#.

As to new Ace adventures, it doesn't look likely at the moment. Ace has become such a sucessful programming consultant (thanks to Delphi) that I can hardly even get him on the phone any more!

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