Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Will there be another Delphi? VCL for Ruby?

Will there be a VCL for Ruby? A question Mike Pence asked himself a few days ago in this blogpost.

He says:
There has been nothing like Delphi since Delphi. For an all-too-brief, shining moment in the late 90’s, nothing could touch it. Its visual design tools made it simple to build attractive user interfaces.
What made Delphi even more remarkable was its component model in the form of the Visual Component Library.

The answer to his question is given by Michael Swindell in his feedback of the mentioned post. Now I don't know much about Ruby but when I read Mike's answer in this post I can feel the excitement!

He says:
So, wow. How awesome is that? Borland makes tools that fill the entire application lifecycle — not just IDE’s and frameworks –but it is their top-shelf development tools that have made them famous, and they are coming to play.

So Delphi is not a language anymore? No, apparently it is not, get used to it. Delphi is a way of living (Oh well at least developing ;-) ).

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