Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Users' Choice IDEs - 2008

Evans Data published their annual 'Users' Choice IDEs' survey.
You can get a free copy of it here.

In this survey IDE users rated several features/functions of their favorite IDE.
So the report shows the satisfaction rate of users about their IDE.

From the eight rated EDIs, Delphi holds the sixth place.
Features where Delphi has relative high score are the compiler performance, ease of use, performance resulting applications, debugger, editor and integrated third party tools.
The Delphi compiler performance has the highest rate in the survey.
Among the lowest rated features is the documentation, which will be no suprise.

If you want to read all information/rates, go get the report.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, very interesting. Clearly users are not happy about the documentation and sample applications that comes with Delphi and it is dragging the overall score down.

It used to be that Borland product had excellent documentation, but that certainly is many years ago.

Hope that after the CodeGear move to Embarcadero the low end points of this survey will be adressed. Why can Delphi not have a decent profiler?

Chris Miller said...

Thanks for posting about that survey, it pretty much confirms what we already knew: Delphi generates fast code and has horrible documentation. I hope that Embarcadeo does something about the documentation. If you are a new user to Delphi, you wouldn't know where to start.

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