Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fooling around with TWebbrowser compilation post

In the statistics of my blog I find a lot of people searching for Delphi’s TWebbrowser solutions and examples. I wrote a few post about some TWebbrowser specific problems and possible solutions.
Because they are in seperated, non related, posts I thought it would be nice to compilate all the knowledge in one blogpost. Well here it is. :)

Fooling around with TWebbrowser #1
Describes how to use TWebbrowser for editing HTML

Fooling around with TWebbrowser #2
Describes how to retain the browser session within you application

Fooling around with TWebbrowser #3
Describes some TWebbrowser basics like how to get the right popwindowsize, how to fill up a combobox with visited websites, how to enable/disable navigate buttons etcetera.

Fooling around with TWebbrowser #4
Describes two solutions for the Enter key problem.

Posting data with TWebbrowser
Describes how to post data to websites using TWebbrowser

Saving TWebbrowser content with IPersistFile
Describes two ways to save the content of the current loaded document in the browser.

Two way interaction with Javascript in Winforms using Webbrowser
Although about Winforms C# this should be compatible with Delphi TWebbrowser.



Anonymous said...

Some links to your arcicles are dead :(

Roland Beenhakker said...

@Anonymous fixed it. Thanks!

Anong Busarakham said...

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