Sunday, May 08, 2005

My first PDA application

In Delphi 2006 there is a chance that the Compact Framework is supported. You can read here more about it. I don't have plans yet for PDA programming so I can wait till Delphi 2006. However curious about the whole thing I started searching and finally found a really nice tool from GrandaSoft for PDA form programming. It consist of two tools, first XSForms, a sort of runtime to install on your PDA and second XSDesigner, the IDE for designing the applications.

This tool allows you to make a PDA program without any line of code, with mulitple tabs, in no time what so ever! Really cool, hey I can program PDA's!
The forms are stored in XML and XSForms provides navigation between the records which are stored in a Pocket Access Database. The tool itself is still in development, and by now you can not code in it, but what the hack, you can make great applications on the fly and it is free for private use. For a test I made a Grocery List Manager (in dutch), and it looks like this:

Nah I don't use it yet for real, but it was fun to make. :-)
All with all a real nice tool to watch closely in the future.
I am really excited about PDA programming and looking forward (and hoping) to the VCL implementation of it.

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