Thursday, May 19, 2005

An unofficial comparison between VS and D7/D8/D2005

My Visual Studio (C#) project is still in progress and I have now some experience with the Visual Studio IDE.
So let's compare it with Delphi!

What I like about Visual Studio version 2003:
  • Automatic code generation for events
    If you want to use an event(delegate) of an object you can use the tab key to generate an event handler.
  • xsd design for datasets
    I haven't found this in Delphi yet.

Well thats it! I can not think of another something that makes me say Wow!

What I miss in Visual Studio 2003?

  • Structure view
    Although there is a Document Outline view, which does this trick in VS 2005 but is empty in VS 2003.
  • Code Explorer
    This one I really miss, code folding just does not do the trick for me.
  • Live Data
    Well what can you say, we are spoiled from Delphi 1 until now.
  • Code Completion
    There is code completion (see above) but it is much more implemented in the Delphi IDE. It is so much easier to type your property IsNice:Boolean; and then to click the magic keys(CTRL-SHIFT-C) then going to a class view and add a property where you must declare the Field yourself afterwards. (This might be a C# versus Delphi issue)
  • Code / Design tab at the bottom of the main view
    In VS you have in no time an never ending range of tabs (two for every form). In Delphi the form and design tab are at the bottom of the screen, so one at the top for each form.

Well just my 2 cents.

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