Friday, June 03, 2005

Some history

A post in the Borland non-technical newsgroup about the history of Delphi triggered me to dive in the history of computer languages.
You can find a complete overview of the history of computer languages here. There are 50 languages in this timeline chart.
It all starts in 1954 with Fortran. I am not sure if this is the first computer language ever because only 50 out of 2500! are shown.
Pascal 'starts' in 1970 and evolves to Turbo Pascal in 1983 and later on of course into Delphi(1995).
The charts shows relations between the languages. One particular is the one between Delphi and C# in the year 2000, so I guess C# really is Delphi's brother. :-)
The site has great resources to all kind of languages.

For the complete history 'From Pascal to Delphi' (including codenames and release dates) the guys at Dragonsoft made an overview here.
On Delphi Basics you will find a brief history on Delphi.

My history with Pascal/Delphi:
For myself the history with Pascal starts in 1989 with Turbo Pascal 3. (Can't remember the exact version)
A couple of years later I made a slight turn to Clipper, but I did not like the 'not existing' IDE, I guess Turbo Pascal already had an excellent integrated enviroment (Editor and Compiler in one IDE).
Clipper, of course, was great with databases, but I turned to Turbo Pascal 6 in combination with the TOPAZ toolbox, which was incredible with DBASE databases. (I can remember a book coverage with plumbers, plumbing the data into your application :) )
After that I used all Delphi versions except version 3.

For those who don't know yet you can download several old TP versions from the Borland Museum.

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