Wednesday, June 29, 2005

War of the OOPs?

Nick Hodges talks in this post about some quirks, regarding to OOP and the .NET Framework. Of course his statement "Microsoft doesn't quite get OOP" does generate a lot of dust and discussions out there.
Julian Bucknall replies in his own CodeFez entry stating "Nick doesn't quite get OOP", and Steve Teixeira's responses in his blog here.

I must say I agree a lot with the statements that Nick makes regarding the .net framework, although I can not oversee all the technical details (yet), I think:

- The .NET framework is far by mature, it takes a lot of code to make things happen.
- ADO.NET is not mature yet (I can not say that it is not designed properly, but it still misses some important pieces in my opinion). See my blogentry When has the data changed .
- OOP code is supposed to reduce the amount of code.
- Sealed classes should not exist.

I must say that I probably only feel this way as a Delphi VCL developer since 1995.Anyway very intresting reads though, all that different opinions out there.

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